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What does fully-clothed vs. disrobed mean?

During the therapeutic massage styles of Shiatsu and Thai Yoga as well as Reiki energywork, fully-clothed means you will not remove your clothing for the session. During the Swedish session and the Global Traveler, disrobed means that you will Blue Mountain Peaceremove your clothing to your comfort level. Some clients prefer to leave their undergarments on, while some prefer to remove them. This is your choice, so go with what is right for you because that will allow you to feel most comfortable and be able to fully relax. You will remain professionally  covered under sheets and blankets at all times, only the part of your body that is being addressed will be undraped. Professionalism, respect and modesty is maintained at all times.

What do I wear if I wish to have Shiatsu, Thai Yoga, or Reiki?

The key is to be comfortable. T-shirt, yoga pants, sweat pants, and a pair of socks are what to wear. Make sure it is clothing that you can stretch and move in. What NOT to wear is jeans, thick pants, and any clothing with buttons or belts.

Blue MountainCan I talk?

Yes! Yes! And Yes! Although this is your time to relax, please feel free to talk. If you don’t wish to talk, then allow this time to be yours - blissful, peaceful and tranquil. My only request is that you let me know at all times how you’re doing, any and all concerns or questions you may have, and most of all I want to make sure you breathe!

After the Massage / Post Care:

Make sure to continue to take extra good care of yourself. You will want to make sure to drink plenty of pure water, more than your usual daily amount to continue to aid your body in the detoxification process..