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Anna at Machu PicchuWelcome to Blue Mountain Healing Arts where I practice an integrated blend of bodywork and energywork that achieves whole body holistic healing.  I am certified in many different massage and energywork modalities and use them all as tools for healing. But the bigger picture comes from travelling and working with many different medicine people from many different traditions and learning that true healing has to incorporate spiritual, emotional and mental levels of understanding and transformation as well as physical change. I am committed to facilitaing transformation and healing for all of my clients.

With Deep Gratitude, Respect, and Honor,

Anna Grace


Anna at the Midwest Shamanic Gathering









Anna presenting and giving a plant walk at the Midwest Shamanic Gathering!


Anna's work in the Amazon

Massage in the Amazon Jungle









In the true spirit of reciprocity, the gifts of teachings and medicine work are exchanged for bodywork to help heal the medicine people in the villages in the Amazon.

Baskey weaving with Shipibo













Learning about the culture of the Shipibo through the craft of basket weaving is part of the healing journey